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Smith Motors, Inc. warrants all parts for 90 days subject to the conditions and limitations set forth below.

Smith Motors, Inc has been a leader in the automotive recycling industry since 1960.  We are committed to providing you, our customer, with the finest quality merchandise and service.  A great deal of pride and attention are devoted to the purchasing, dismantling, cleaning, and testing of all our parts to assure your satisfaction and driving pleasure.  If, however, a problem should occur the following procedures shall apply.



2.  All engines are warranted against cracked cylinder blocks or heads, bad cam or crankshaft, excessive oil consumption.  Engines are warranted to be in good running order unless otherwise stated

3.  All engines must have new oil and filter installed upon installation and every 3,000 miles thereafter.  Proof of service and mileage will be required.

4.  Installation of engine requires tune-up including, but not limited to, points, plugs, ignition wires, etc.

5.  Engines are left as complete as possible for the convenience of the installer.  This warranty does not cover attached items and accessories such as (but not limited to) water pump, fuel pump, carburetor, distributor, etc.

6.  Vehicles which have Smith Motors, Inc. engines or transmissions installed must have proper cooling capacity and cooling system must be in good condition.  Proper oil and coolant levels must be maintained at all times.  WARRANTY IS VOID IF HEAT TABS ARE MELTED OR REMOVED.

7.  Transmissions are warranted to be in good working order including slippage or shifting failures or bearing noise.  Shearing or breaking of teeth in standard transmissions is NOT warranted under any circumstances.

8.  Transmissions must have new seals and new fluid installed at time of installation in vehicle.

9.  Oil seals and gaskets are not warranted.

10. Defective engines or transmissions must remain installed in vehicle until an authorized Smith Motors, Inc. agent confirms defect.

11.  All warranty work must be done by a Smith Motors, Inc authorized shop, or permission to do work must be given by authorized Smith Motors, Inc. agent.

12.  All warranty claims must be presented to an authorized agent of Smith Motors, Inc. within a period of 90 days from date of purchase for this warranty to be valid.

13.  Smith Motors, Inc., at its option, may replace the part, repair the part, or refund the original purchase price.

14.  All implied warranties are limited to the terms of this limited warranty.  Consequential or incidental damages are not covered under this warranty.


16.  Warranties on any item sold shall be in effect only for the duration of the express warranties contained herein and upon conclusion of the expressed warranties herein, there shall be no warranties expressed or implied, including merchant-ability and fitness for use on the item sold.

17.  This warranty is not transferable and does not cover damage if parts are used in connection with racing purposes or vehicles with racing equipment, or damage by accident or misuse.


19.  There will be a 20% handling charge on all non-defective return items.

20.  No cores accepted after 30 days.

21.  Smith Motors, Inc. does not assume responsibility for towing charges, lay-up time, telephone, loss due to downtime, cost of lodging, cost of vehicle use, transportation, car or truck rental, or inconvenience.


2002 Smith Motors, Inc.  All rights reserved.